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Upcoming Events


zazenkai all-day sitting
Saturday, october 12, 2019

One day Zen meditation intensive at the beautiful Willow Farm Zendo in Hygiene, CO.

The schedule includes four blocks of seated and walking meditation; work practice; Fusatsu Renewal service; short dharma talk; and lunch. 

Dharma Talk, Zazen and Sangha discussion
every Monday, 6:00pm

Join us every Monday evening for practice, dharma and community. We practice in the beautiful Labyrinth Room in the basement of the First United Methodist Church in downtown Boulder. Beginners are welcome. See details on Meetup with the link below.

Ango Peaceful dwelling practice period september - December 2019 

Join the Eon Zen sangha in intensified intentional practice in conscious living. Weekly meditation sittings, dharma talks, practice and teaching events will be available to join remotely via Zoom. Local meditation hikes and workshops.


    Zen Meditation

Zen meditation has been around for millennia, and has special relevance for today's world. When anxiety and contraction afflict our individual body-minds, then confusion and needless suffering permeate our collectives -- families, communities, and nations -- and we lose clarity and heart. Meditation restores us to our truth.



Dharma refers to Buddhist teachings, which in Zen extends to all the phenomena of your life. Your dog or cat may be your deepest teacher. The sound of a pebble, or the movement of a rose in the breeze. Talks and teachings from longtime meditators can help you re-discover your deepest wisdom and compassion.  

We are inspired by the formal Zen Buddhist dharma as it has been transmitted by our tradition: the teachings of Bodhidharma, Joshu, Baso, Rinzai and many other awakened women and men. We also share the teachings and guiding insights of our direct teachers and other contemporaries who have addressed themselves explicitly to how the Buddhadharma manifests in our modern lives and minds. Always our curiosity is addressed to our lives here and now, to understand how we can live more fully, with greater awareness and heart.   

Dharma is shared at Eon Zen in Monday evening talks and during retreats. Listen to audio on our Resources page, and join us for practice and discussion. 



Sangha is the community of practitioners dedicated to living an awakened life in the world. It is considered the most precious of the three Buddhist treasures, because it represents the harmony of our absolute natures with our messy, relative lives. We can't fake harmony, but shared intentions make it possible! Join Eon Zen Sangha in a commitment to share life and practice together.


Zen at Work

In the Zen tradition, work in the world is our form of somatic practice and is inseparable from service. Instead of yoga asanas and breathing exercises, we chop wood, carry water, or in the modern way, drive cars, communicate information and lead organizations. The Eon Zen sangha performs regular work practice in service to the community, and Paul Gyodo brings mindfulness practices to corporate, executive, academic and non-profit groups.