Zen at Work


Thirty years ago, when I was in my mid-20s, my mind seemed to be on overdrive all the time, my feelings were all over the map, and I lacked a strong center from which to meet the world the way I wanted to meet it: with creativity, kindness and humor. It affected my general wellbeing, as well as my relationships and, crucially, my work in the world.

I experimented with a number of practices (not to mention escape and coping mechanisms!) to help with this state of affairs, but when I found Zen, I touched something that opened the path ahead clearly. I was most drawn to Zen’s simplicity, directness, intensity, and everyday availability. These qualities have remained very much alive for me, and have transformed how I approach life, companionship and work.

As my entrepreneurial career got going — I co-founded my first tech startup in 2000 — I realized that my deleterious mental habits were adding complications to what was already a fiendishly challenging work environment, and were inhibiting my personal and professional growth.

What the Buddha called “the second arrow” — all the commentary, fears, doubts and judgements that I would layer on top of situations — overwhelmed my simple, direct engagement with those circumstances, and made things harder than they needed to be. In retrospect, I see they also led to some poor strategic decisions for my companies. 

Having deepened my practices over the last 18 years, as well continuing my entrepreneurial career with my second co-founded startup in 2014, I’ve now got a much clearer perspective on how “second arrow” tendencies can sabotage our functioning, particularly amid the intense challenges faced by company founders and leaders. When I founded the Eon Zen Center in 2017, I decided to offer the fruits of my mindfulness and professional experience to anyone seeking guidance in accessing Presence in their professional lives, whether individuals or teams.

With two decades experience in tech startups, I am especially sensitized to the stressors for founders (funding, business modeling, product design and operational scaling) and how an unhealthy relationship to one’s own fears and uncertainties can lead one astray. (I go into a little more detail on my path in my “manifesto”.)

If you or your team are interested in exploring how the practice of Presence can shift your capacities, I invite you to check out my Coaching and Consulting services on these pages, and send me a note with the Form button below. I look forward to hearing from you.

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My 2-3 hour session on "Mindfulness for Business and Personal Growth" presents the core practice and principles of Mindfulness, including:

  • The physical and psychological habits that produce overactive minds;

  • Common myths about work;

  • The science, principles and benefits of meditation;

  • Practical experiential meditation instruction; tools and tips for starting and maintaining a meditation practice, individually or with a team.


Executive & Leadership coaching

I work one-on-one with individuals, providing guidance in negotiating the difficult issues faced by high-profile business leaders. In Zen practice we understand internal conflicts or false stories to be at the heart of what often appear as external issues. My business experience shows this to be true. Coaching supports your ability to align your energies, expand your capacity, identify what’s “extra”, acknowledge the elephant in the room, and move from your heart! In monthly or twice-monthly individual sessions, I help you identify sources of conflict and how to transform them. (Remote via Skype or Hangout.)

Workshops & retreats

One-day workshops & retreats are designed for individuals and teams to understand and experience the benefits of a Mindfulness practice.

A single Day of Silence can be deeply restorative and initiate a shift in your unproductive attention-habits.

Workshops are held at company sites, and retreats are held in off-site retreat facilities. Both include extensive periods of practice, silence and rest-recovery from over-stimulation and "monkey mind."

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Modern work environments present unique challenges in the form of distraction, anxiety, instability, risk, stress, and obstacles to communication. Leaders are challenged in new ways to serve their organizations with insight, wholeheartedness and clarity of purpose.  At the same time, a variety of bad mental habits (including the "myth of multitasking") and deep-seated cultural misunderstandings about the nature of "productivity" create unnecessary pressures and pitfalls. 

With the mind of meditation you can neutralize bad habits, drop false stories, expand your capacities, and re-connect with your intrinsic clarity, energy and creativity.

Zen at Work condenses decades of experience in Mindfulness Practice, Tech Innovation and Corporate Leadership. If you are interested in engaging me for a presentation, ongoing coaching or retreat, please submit the short Inquiry form below.