Zen at Work

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Modern work environments present unique challenges in the form of distraction, anxiety, instability, risk, stress, and obstacles to communication. Leaders are challenged in new ways to serve their organizations with insight, wholeheartedness and clarity of purpose.  At the same time, a variety of bad mental habits (including the "myth of multitasking") and deep-seated cultural misunderstandings about the nature of "productivity" and thriving create unnecessary pressures and pitfalls. 

To assist with these challenges, Paul Gyodo and Senior Students in Eon Zen bring decades of experience in both Mindfulness practice and Corporate leadership to the Zen at Work offerings. With the mind of meditation you can neutralize bad habits, drop false stories, expand your capacities, and re-connect with your intrinsic clarity, energy and creativity.

It takes a conscious commitment to actualize the Zen law of "less is more". If you are interested in engaging us for a presentation, workshop or ongoing coaching, please submit the short form below. 



Our 2-4 hour session on "Mindfulness for Business and Personal Growth" presents the core practice and principles of Mindfulness, including:

  • the physical and psychological habits that produce overactive minds; 
  • the science, principles and benefits of meditation;
  • practical experiential meditation instruction;
  • tools and tips for starting and maintaining a meditation practice, individually and with a team or company.


Workshops & retreats

1-2 day workshops and retreats are designed for teams to understand and experience the benefits of a committed Mindfulness practice.

Workshops are held in corporate settings and geared towards education in principles and instruction in meditation forms, experiential centering practices, and interactive exercises to recognize and expand the awareness-choice-response mind.

Retreats are held in off-site retreat facilities and include extensive periods of practice, silence and rest-recovery from over-stimulation and "monkey mind."

Executive & Leadership coaching

Paul Gyodo works one-on-one with individuals, providing guidance in negotiating the difficult issues familiar to high-profile business leaders. In Zen practice we understand internal conflicts or false stories to be at the heart of what often appear as external issues. Our business experience shows this to be true. Coaching supports your meditation practice in aligning energies, expanding capacity, and unlocking blockages in body, mind and heart. In twice-monthly individual sessions, we help you identify sources of conflict and how to transform them. There are no "problems", only doorways to clarity, self-knowledge and freedom. 

Having co-founded two startups and worked in early stage tech companies for the last 18 years, I have distilled my experience into a specialized offering called The Zen Startup. I would love to share my learnings and practice with you and your teams. See more.