The Zen Startup

Outside of a monastery or a battlefield, Startups are the perfect place to practice Zen. 

The demand for excellence amid torrential distractions, not to mention the daily existential challenges to your company's prospects and your personal wellbeing, all call for a simple practice of Presence. The practice of Presence, or non-judgmental awareness, is capable of restoring your intrinsic sanity, so you can see through the clutter of "monkey-mind" and get to the heart of issues and problems directly.    

Not only that, but the emergent Best Practices in tech Startups -- Agile, Lean/MVP/SLC, User-Centered Design, "release early, release often", disruptive innovation -- are actually in tune with classic Zen principles. Lean accords with the "nothing extra" spirit of Zen, UCD honors "Don't Know Mind", "release early & often" nods to the ethic of wabi sabi or "perfect imperfection", and the Agile Manifesto takes a stand for a non-dogmatic, practical approach to development.

Yet, hindrances and obstacles abound, in the form of distractions, bad habits and false stories. The elusive "life-work balance" can seem a struggle, putting personal relationships, and even physical/mental health at risk. 

If you are a Founder who would like help staying centered through the pivots and growth, or would like to help your team do the same, I welcome the chance to work with you. 



Zen Startup Presentations are 2-4 hours and cover tools and tips ideal for Startups, along with key principles & practices of Zen Mindfulness, including:

  • The superpower of attention & the power of the pause.

  • Doing more by slowing down.

  • Effecting more by saying less.

  • The freedom of discipline.

  • What's the One Thing?

  • De-bunking the myth of multi-tasking.

  • Emotional coherence.

  • Mind your Slack; Slack your mind.


Founder & Leader Coaching

My one-on-one work with Founders supports your practice in meeting the challenges common to early stage companies. Having co-founded two Startups and served several others through the twists and turns, I will give you perspective as well as practices to help with the challenges. As an "informed witness", I strive to help you develop the mindful capacities that allow your wisdom to illuminate your path. 



One-day and half-day workshops and retreats are designed for Startup teams to understand and experience the benefits of a committed Mindfulness practice in the context of a high-powered, fast-paced, always-on, chaotic work environment. The challenges of remote/distributed teams are also addressed. Workshops are held in corporate settings and geared towards education in principles and instruction in meditation forms, experiential centering practices, and interactive exercises to expand the capacity for choice-awareness. Retreats are held in off-site retreat facilities and include extensive periods of practice, silence and rest-recovery from over-stimulation and "monkey mind."