Half-Day of Silence

Restore energy, focus, and creativity


During this half-day retreat from the distracting stimulations of the daily workday, you will be able to re-source and restore through simple directed attention practices in an environment of natural spaciousness, quiet and slowing down.

Practices are simple and not physically challenging. No experience is necessary.

The Program also features a period of guided movement, an open period for journaling, rest or creative work, and a short talk on mindfulness.

New Program Introduced for Spring, 2019




Introductions and guidelines begin promptly at 8:30am and 1:30pm.

Noble silence and “digital disconnect” are encouraged and supported for the entire half-day.

Sessions of 20-30 minutes provide guidance and exercise of various directed attention (mindfulness) practices, both mental and somatic.

The program also includes a short talk on a relevant theme, with practical exercises for work life.

Breaks and an Open Session are included. Participants may opt out of any sessions, and engage in a personal practice (journal, walk grounds, creative work, etc.) while maintaining noble silence and digital disconnect.


  • Single Half-Day Session: $120

  • Four Session Subscription: $400

Consult your organization’s human resources department to learn if the Zen @ Work Half-Day of Silence is a sponsored benefit.

Corporate Rates are available. Business owners and Wellness Program Directors are encouraged to Contact Us to set up a Corporate Plan.

Prepare for Your Retreat

Wear comfortable clothes. Snacks are provided. If you have dietary restrictions, you may bring your own food. Please notify us in advance if you will be bringing food and if it will need refrigeration.

The Zendo at Willow Farm

The Zendo at Willow Farm

About the Retreat Center

Willow Farm Contemplative Center is in Hygiene, CO, approximately 25-minute drive from central Boulder. The contemplative practice space is designed in the traditional Zen style with expert carpentry and pleasing dimensions. The ample grounds feature a hermitage, a full-scale walking labyrinth, and are home to a menagerie of friendly farm animals.

The half-day retreat format is a great way to de-stress and improve my focus while not disconnecting from my day job entirely. It’s not a vacation. It’s a better way of living and working.
— Marsha S.