Sesshin at Eon Zen

May 3-5 & November 1-3, 2019


Two-day Zen meditation intensive at the Maitreya Abbey in Berthoud, CO.

The schedule includes seated and walking meditation; work practice; chant service; dharma talk; all meals, and sleeping accommodations for two nights. Registration is open now.

Register with the form below and pay in advance with PayPal button below.  

Meals are vegetarian. They usually include ample vegan and gluten-free options, but please indicate in a Comment with your registration RSVP (or your PayPal payment) if you have any dietary restrictions. 

Scholarships are available for retreats; also see note regarding financial need below. No one is turned away for lack of funds.




Eon Zen holds weekend sesshin retreats two times in 2019. We are hosted at Great Mountain Zen Center at Maitreya Abbey in Berthoud, Colorado, where we have the guiding presence of lineage teachers Shinko and Shishin Roshis, as well as the support of the highly trained resident staff.

Sesshin participants should bring the following:

  • Bedding (sleeping bag or sheets/blanket)

  • Toiletries, towel, and personal items.

  • Sitting clothes (comfortable and preferably dark colored)

  • Outdoor clothes, for work practice.

You should plan to arrive at the Abbey between 6:00pm and 6:30pm on the first (Friday) night. Sitting the first night is 7:30pm-8:50pm. Orientation is provided before sitting on the first night, as required.


  • Meals (three meals on Saturday + breakast Sunday)

  • Snacks & tea.

  • Sleeping and rest accommodations (two nights.)

 A typical daily schedule is as follows (subject to change):

  • 5:00 Wake up

  • 5:30 Zazen/Dokusan

  • 8:00 Breakfast

  • 9:15 Service

  • 9:45 Zazen

  • 10:30  Work Practice

  • 12:30 Lunch

  • 2:30 Dharma Discussion/Ceremony

  • 3:30 Zazen

  • 5:00 Dinner

  • 7:00 Zazen/Dokusan

  • 8:50 Four Vows

  • 9:30 Lights Out

Sesshin ends at approximately 11:30pm on Sunday.

All participants will receive instruction on proper procedures and protocols during sesshin. A review of our sesshin guidelines will help you get oriented.


For Monthly Paying Members of Eon Zen Center or Great Mountain Zen Center:

  • Full time: $160

  • One-Day: $80

For Non-Members:

  • Full time: $200

  • One-Day: $100

We understand that retreat fees can be prohibitive in these times, and are committed to making Zen practice available to all regardless of financial situation. If fees are a hardship, please enter a comment explaining your circumstances and needs.

To register, please fill out an application form below. Mail it in, scan and email to or bring it to retreat.

Pay full amount using the Pay Fee - Open Amount Button below. Indicate “Weekend Sesshin” and the retreat date (e.g. “May 2019”) in your comment.

Retreat Guidelines

The following are general guidelines for sesshins at Maitreya Abbey. Detailed instructions will be provided to all participants when you arrive.

  • Maintain silence at all times. Pads are provided to write short messages or questions. If a longer conversation is required, ask one of the organizers to consult with you privately.

  • Always be on time to the zendo, or a bit early.

  • You are expected in the zendo for all sittings. Alert one of the teachers or senior students if anything comes up which prevents your participation in any part of the schedule.

  • Do not read or write during sesshin, except for material related to your practice.

  • Keep your appearance and body clean and modest. Avoid distracting clothes, smells, and sounds.

  • Sesshin attendants will take care of windows, fans and heaters, and generally regulate the temperature. If the environment is uncomfortable, alert an attendant.

  • Always leave bathroom doors closed when not in use.

  • All meals and snacks are provided, and are vegetarian. Let us know in advance of special dietary needs or restrictions.