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Eon Zen Student

The close connection between student and teacher has been an integral part of Zen practice for ages. Becoming a formal Zen student entails a deeper commitment to practicing with the Eon Zen sangha and teacher. The student's commitment is met in turn by a deeper commitment from the teacher and community in working together to manifest heart-mind unification in all aspects of life.

Practitioners desiring to study the Zen path with Gyodo Sensei may apply to be students. Students are expected to maintain a regular practice schedule (with the group if possible), attend extended sittings throughout the year as they are able and ready, and assist with group activities when possible. Students receive discounts on all programs, weekly interview with Sensei, and invitation to quarterly practice / study groups. Becoming a student is required before taking the Precept Path. 

Student Membership in Eon Zen also proffers full benefits of our root temple Great Mountain Zen Center (and vice versa). 

Rate: $45/month or $450 pre-paid annual. 

Full Benefits:

  • All of the Member Benefits plus:
  • Dokusan (bi-monthly or weekly).
  • Advanced Study.
  • Precept Path + Jukai .


  • Attend group sitting 2+ times / month.
  • Attend 2+ retreats a year.
  • Hold service positions.
  • Staff and Program Assistance (e.g. retreats, youth programs) as interest and availability allow.

Current students may use the buttons below to renew their Student Membership. Newcomers to the group please submit the form below to indicate your interest. 

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