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Eon Zen Sangha Member

Zen teaches that "your life is the life of the buddha." Our community welcomes sincere meditation practitioners who desire to actualize their buddha nature -- their fundamentally awakened nature -- together with others. Membership activates a mutual commitment between the Member and the group: Members receive benefits from the group to support their lives and practice. In turn they commit to supporting the group and community with their practice, service and sangha participation, in addition to financial contribution.

We recognize the temporal and financial constraints faced by many of those desiring to practice and will work with all sincere practitioners to balance commitment levels to your capacity. Use the "Ask a Question" form link below to discuss with us any special circumstances. 

Group members receive access to all weekly zazen sessions, discounts on all programs, access to the Eon Member Resources, and monthly private meetings with Sensei as desired. 

Group Membership in Eon Zen also proffers full benefits of our root temple Great Mountain Zen Center (and vice versa). 

Rate: $35/month or $350 pre-paid annual. 

Full Benefits:

  • Discount on zazenkai/retreats.
  • Dokusan once per month + during retreats.
  • A mentor to work with (if desired).
  • Member Media Resources (audio archive).
  • Priority participation in service projects, book group, movie nights, pot lucks.
  • Access to private group social media for community requests and opportunities (professional networking, jobs, housing, fundraising appeals, etc.).
  • Member’s Meeting 1/qtr
  • Children & Teen programs (coming soon)


  • Attend group sitting at least monthly (Practice commitment).
  • Help set up zendo for meditation / welcome new attendees (Service commitment).
  • Engage with and support the group to your capacity; attend Member’s meetings as schedule allows (Sangha commitment).