Peaceful Dwelling 2018

From September through December 2018, you are invited to strengthen your commitment to your Zen practice as we recognize the traditional season of “Ango” or Peaceful Dwelling. Raising the level of your practice during this time alleviates self-centeredness, and produces greater concentration, joy and freedom. Your practice may take many forms: increased sitting time, doing your first or more frequent retreats, dropping an unhealthy habit, committing to a discipline of service or self-care: anything that strengthens the attention-energy you give to wholesome, beneficial, creative and helpful actions, and reduces the attention-energy you give to mindless, habitual, or self-destructive tendencies.

The Buddha said: “Everyone has the Wisdom and Virtue of the Buddha. Their attachments and deluded thoughts obscure it.” What we practice when we practice is to bring these obscurations to awareness, so that our intrinsic wisdom and virtue can shine.

Sharing Ango commitments is a wonderful way to encourage each other in practice as a community. I invite you to share your practice through the anonymous form submission below.

  • Gyodo Sensei

My commitments for Ango are:
1. Sit a minimum of two hours a day or more, ideally in three sittings.
2. Attend all three zazenkai
3. Sit every weekday morning with the community
4. Sit every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evening as well as Saturday mornings.
5. Attend all three weekend sesshin
6. Attend Rohatsu sesshin.
7. Pay particular attention to Right Speech
8. Create reminders throughout the day to remember to come back to the present.
9. Let go
10. Expect nothing.
I have witnessed myself getting wrapped up in so many ways: thought patterns that draw more from fear and doubt than love and gratitude, actions that serve only to exhaust and deplete rather than serve and inspire, and stories about what should be. I commit to slowing down to breathe, to check in, to DO less and BE more. To be present with this moment and the infinite little blessings that sprout from the loving moments that I have told myself I don’t have time for. It is a time for unwrapping.
I intend to increase my daily home sitting from 25 minutes to 30 minutes. I intend to do a 28 day cellular cleanse starting Oct 1st - vegan diet, lots of supplements & water, daily juicing, no junk foods/sugar, no alcohol.
I’m new to the EZC, and would like to join the sangha. I intend to attend morning practice twice per week, to start attending the Monday evening practice semi-regularly, and to dip my toes into the Thursday evening practice.
For this time of Peaceful Dwelling, I commit to continue sitting and chanting each morning and sitting before bed. When I have extra time during the day I will also take time to sit, even if it is only 5 minutes. I commit to feeding myself, family and friends healthy balanced cuisine made with love and attention. I commit to holding my heart in a place of compassion and practice Kshanti as I continue to step off the 100 foot pole. I commit to sitting with the GMZC/EON Sangha each Monday and Thursday that is possible and attending as many Zazenkais as possible. My partner and I intend to sit from sunset to sunrise on December 8th to honor the Buddha Way and for ALL SENTIENT BEINGS.
During Ango, I intend to sit zazen with the group as much as possible, to help sangha members and my community as I am able. I will eat healthily and with a mind to the impacts of my dietary choices on the world and other beings, and I will not drink alcohol.
I commit during Ango...

1. To attend at least one Zazenkai.
2. To attend at least one weekly sitting every week without missing, and if I’m sick, on vacation, or leaving the house is not an option then
tune in on Hang Out or whatever method we are using online.
3. To remember the name of and memorize one chant, preferably the one most often used in the morning sittings and on Thursdays.
4. To do one thing every week solely for myself/body which is dedicated to bringing about health, rejuvenation and a sense of balance to
my life.
5. Forgive myself, and in no way judge or put myself down if I happen to fall short on any of these commitments.
I am making a concerted effort to increase the amount of time I sit each day.
Ango time is my favorite for meditation. I’m looking forward for this time of year. I find Ango to help deepening my practice and connection to the Sangha. I [?] much around in town in October but looking forward to sit more when I’ll be back in town.

Share your practice commitments anonymously with the community